BigSTAND is a community group formed from several resident groups in Billingshurst, Broadford Bridge, Marringdean Road, Adversane and North Heath to defend our communities against mass housing developments. Strength in numbers.



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    • With so much development land available throughout Southern England and indeed even in West Sussex, it is difficult to imagine an area of land less conducive to support a development of the proposed site at Adversane. The non-availability of services alone, must surely rule it out of the question.

  1. I fully support the BigSTAND & all of its ideals. We live in a beautiful part of West Sussex Countryside, bordered by the National Park to the West of the A29 and on the Eastern side of Stane Street, an ancient Roman Road, is a currently unspoilt area of land that is under threat of being devastated by the building of 3,500 – 4,000 new houses, with it would seem, none of the necessary elements of infrastructure to sustain that many homes.

  2. I too fully support the BigSTAND and all its ideals.
    The impact of this size of development South of Billingshurst will devastate the whole area clogging up the already overburdened road system. Any new town should be strategically placed near to existing dual carriageways which in turn should be improved at pinch points to accommodate the huge amount of extra traffic.

  3. This development is ridiculous and I fully agree and support with Big STAND and all that is doing to try to stop this going ahead. If this did proceed, it would cripple our local services and put a huge strain on the whole community.

  4. I fully agree and support BigSTANDs’ view points, including:- the ridiculous size of development south of Billingshurst, which would be totally unsustainable, with significant impact on the local community.

    • Our doctors,, schools, roads, water supply etc are already overwhelmed with the developments that have already happened. The people moving here do not use the shops and most take no interest in the area. This has become a commuter “town” where people sleep.

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