New Town image

Kingswood cunning plan

Our Place have published a proposed image of how the development at Adversane would look when completed. What OurPlace refer to as the MasterPlan.

STOP and think … Is this just sales speak …
can they deliver, are they legally bound to deliver?

OurPlace are in the business of making money for shareholders, not for the Good of the community or for environmental reason  

Phase 1 first 5 years

Building on the Brinsbury outline planning site for six industrial units. Plus Primary, nursery and secondary schools for 750 homes. A new bridge and re-routing B2133.

Do the maths and you will see that selling 750 homes at average of £350k (divide by 2 for build cost) subtract the land purchase, Cil payment and then subtract the infrastructure costs mentioned, which we believe are in excess of £100m. The reality is that agreements made on infrastructure will NOT be achievable, the developer will be able to renege on the promise set by OurPlace at the planning proposal stage (We believe they may sell on the site to another developer if planning is approved removing responsibility to deliver)…..Just look at all other developments in the county that have failed to deliver new infrastructure.

This will mean we will have development for over 20+ years and 10’s of thousand of new car journeys every day.

Adversane vs Poundbury comparison

OurPlace state that Kingswood would be a new Poundbury. As you can see in the following comparison, Adversane is a million miles away from that sales vision.