What can you do?

Help us by expressing your concern over the proposed development. Click on the easy-to-use email templates below to contact your local councillor. 
To stop the destruction of our wildlife corridors send the email below.
To protect yourself from increased road traffic & pollution on the A29 and B2133.
To object to increased  infrastructure and the addition of 3,500 homes


…create your own email expressing your concern over the proposed development using the following email lists:
To find out the names of any other councillors, look them up on:

Other ways you can help

Sign the ‘Residents Against The Adversane Development Pan’ petition.
You help can bring change.
We are always looking for people willing to get involved with BigSTAND.
Contact the Secretary of State for housing – Robert Jenrick Let him know why the proposed development is not a viable option. Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government 2 Marsham Street London SW1P 4DF
Contact your local MP – Jeremy Quinn Make him aware of his need to help constituent fight such development particularly small Hamlets who need a big voice. https://www.facebook.com/JeremyQuinOfficial/

Contact your local councillors

Send an email or write to your local councillors expressing your concern over the proposed development. You can click on the button bellow or go online to www.writetothem.com. This site is great for finding a councillor or MP and providing contact information, simply enter your postcode.

You can copy and paste the following email addresses into an email, expressing your concerns over the proposed development. We suggest your subject line has the following: ‘Object to ADVERSANE New Town’ you can then add a message if you wish to expand your objection.

Ward Councillors

chris.brown@horsham.gov.uk, nigel.jupp@horsham.gov.uk, amanda.jupp@westsussex.gov.uk, Kate.Rowbottom@horsham.gov.uk, Brian.Donnelly@horsham.gov.uk, Diana.VanDerKlugt@horsham.gov.uk, john.blackall@horsham.gov.uk, jack.saheid@horsham.gov.uk, tim.lloyd@horsham.gov.uk, michael.croker@horsham.gov.uk, elizabeth.kitchen@horsham.gov.uk, lynn.lambert@horsham.gov.uk, Mike.Morgan@horsham.gov.uk, roger.noel@horsham.gov.uk, bob.platt@horsham.gov.uk, josh.potts@horsham.gov.uk, jim.sanson@horsham.gov.uk, James.Wright@horsham.gov.uk, Matthew.Allen@Horsham.gov.uk, Andrew.Baldwin@Horsham.gov.uk, Tony.Bevis@Horsham.gov.uk, Toni.Bradnum@Horsham.gov.uk, Alan.Britten@Horsham.gov.uk, Karen.Burgess@Horsham.gov.uk, Peter.Burgess@Horsham.gov.uk, Roy.Cornell@Horsham.gov.uk, Christine.Costin@Horsham.gov.uk, Ruth.Fletcher@Horsham.gov.uk, Billy.Greening@Horsham.gov.uk, Frances.Haigh@Horsham.gov.uk, ny.Hogben@Horsham.gov.uk, Elizabeth.Kitchen@Horsham.gov.uk, Richard.Landeryou@Horsham.gov.uk, Gordon.Lindsay@Horsham.gov.uk, John.Milne@Horsham.gov.uk, Colin.Minto@Horsham.gov.uk, Christian.Mitchell@Horsham.gov.uk, Godfrey.Newman@Horsham.gov.uk, Louise.Potter@Horsham.gov.uk, Stuart.Ritchie@Horsham.gov.uk, David.Skipp@Horsham.gov.uk, Ian.Stannard@Horsham.gov.uk, Belinda.Walters@Horsham.gov.uk, amanda.jupp@westsussex.gov.uk

Horsham Cabinet & MP’s

ray.dawe@horsham.gov.uk, peter.burgess@horsham.gov.uk, jonathan.chowen@horsham.gov.uk, philip.circus@horsham.gov.uk, paul.clarke@horsham.gov.uk, claire.vickers@horsham.gov.uk, Tricia.Youtan@horsham.gov.uk, jeremy.quin.mp@parliament.uk, andrew.griffith.mp@parliament.uk
please send respectful comments at all times.
Councillors to contact are: