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The following content is a mix of articles regarding the discovery of Neanderthal treasures to important articles about the area and surrounding countryside.

Beedings Castle 
adjacent Adversane/North Heath

The Beedings excavations are important as they will provide further information to assist with the long-running study of the occupation of Britain by hominids (Ancient Human Occupation of Britain project). The finds in the West Sussex landscape also have international significance

Neanderthal find : National importance

The Beedings dig site is a very important Early Upper Palaeolithic location, the large amount of flint work dating from the Palaeolithic but with some material from the more recent Mesolithic will provide the scientists with valuable information on the occupation of the United Kingdom by hominids.

Archeaological finds in Adversane

The ARCHI database has found 332 archaeological sites within 10 km of , Adversane, West Sussex. Data from British Archaeological Records, Historic Sites and Monuments Databases, Local History Sources, Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Reports and Archaeology Research Reports.