Brinsbury Industrial estate
(Kingswood Works)

Some history on how the outline planning received approval.

Read a couple of great comments put on HDC portal objecting to planning

Make your voice heard and comment on the outline planning application

The Brinsbury Industrial estate was given outline planning in 2017/8 on the back of the approval for the Harwoods Motor group 16 acre Motor City development. The Councillors on the planning committee stated that the creation of Harwoods and the outline planning for Brinsbury did not have to conform to housing policies, as they were deemed to provide educational and economic benefit (nice get-out clause!).

The Kingswood development (OurPlace) have been promoting this industrial estate as as a means of demonstrating their vision for 3000 homes on green belt land, adjacent to the conservation area of Adversane.

It is your opportunity to comment on the look and feel of the proposed Industrial estate.
Please comment, otherwise we have to live with choices made by Kingswood.

From the beautiful open fields (pictured above) to a mass of Industrial units class B1, B2 and B8

All of these trees pictured above will be felled along with the hedgerow.

The ancient Roman road changed forever to accommodate large trucks.

Kingswood say that it will have negligible effect on the Adversane conservation area.

Noise, light and Air pollution deemed low!

CPRE comment

CPRE put forward a compelling case as to why the original Outline planning breaks so many of the planning policies that the public must adhere to but seem to not be applicable to Brinsbury.

HGH commenT on behalf of local resident

The article submitted by HGH demonstrates why funding is so important to get the best professional advice when fighting planning applications

How to comment on the outline planning submission – reserved matters.

You may wish to consider some of the following points:

  • Tree felling and landscaping.
  • Material choice to blend with environment.
  • Noise levels to be low at certain hours.
  • Lighting to be low level and for a time period.
  • Pollution levels to be monitored.
  • Traffic accident and safety to be considered as a regular monitoring process.
  • Land contamination monitored.